Disaster Recovery and Cloud Migration with CloudEndure

May 2, 2018 0 By Reza Sheikh

CloudEndure is a SaaS company that provides solutions in both Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery. CloudEndure’s Live Migration assists organizations to migrate their applications to the cloud of their choice, with zero downtime and zero data loss. CloudEndure does this in the background with block-level continuous replication, allowing for no disruption to the business or its infrastructure. Once it has completed the replication, you can run a copy of the replicated machines to test that all the data was successfully migrated. Once it is successfully migrated, you can set a cutover window to direct users to the new target location in the cloud. CloudEndure supports ‘Any to Any’ migrations, meaning it can migrate any application and infrastructure to any cloud target, it is non-disruptive, is capable of supporting large migrations, and has very short cutover periods due to its background replication.


CloudEndure also provides solutions for Disaster Recovery. Disaster Recovery works similarly to Live Migration, in that it applies block-level replication to replicate the organization’s data into the cloud, and has the added feature of being able to run tests to simulate a failure. As data is updated on the source machines, it will be synced with the cloud in real-time. During failover, you can spin up target machines within minutes, and can even launch the machine into an earlier version. CloudEndure also allows you to failback with one click. During a disaster, it reverses replication from target machines back to source machines and makes sure to replicate any changes made on the target machines back to the source machines. The Disaster Recovery solution is also similar to Live Migration in that it has non-disruptive processing, ‘Any to Any’ support, and also supports extremely low RTO and RPO.


CloudEndure is a great solution that can be utilized across many applications, including CentOS, Linux, MySQL, OracleDB, and all major cloud platforms, including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. CloudEndure is available on a subscription basis and can reduce costs for DR and Migration. It is especially helpful that CloudEndure’s migration services can run in the background and not disrupt the business.